Auricularia auricula

Natural health and balanced nutrition

One meat, one vegetable and one fungus consumption demand of public diet in the 21st century

Zhangzhou Pengda edible fungus Co., Ltd. Is a professional factory of cultivating and processing Auricularia auricula. It was founded in 1993 (formerly Minnan edible fungus experimental farm). It was registered in 2006. It has many years of professional production and processing experience of Auricularia auricula. Located in shiting Town, Xiangcheng District, the company moved from Tianbian village to Dongkeng village in 2011 due to development and demolition, established "company + farmer" guiding production bases in Changtai, Nanjing and other places, established standardized record base management system, no pesticide residue quality management system, and standardized production and output of high-quality Auricularia auricula.

After years of practice, the company has gradually formulated a set of processing process and operation rules for auricle. Through many processes, such as raw material classification, cutting head, sieving, cleaning, cutting or washing, drying, vibrating screen, selection, impurity removal, inspection, etc., the ear is processed into pieces, wires, Ding and other specifications, packed according to the needs of customers, inspected and packed by metal exploration. From the dual control of production source and processing technology, the products meet the national food safety standards through testing, and meet the requirements of Japan's affirmative list system. After fine selection, the products meet the Japanese standard for the whole cabinet. They have been exported to Japan, Europe and other places for many years, and are also domestic cooking food production, processing of central kitchen materials, catering, noodles drawing Health care leisure, gift giving, e-commerce sales and other optimization, product safety, food assured, in line with the needs of the 21st century public diet, the brand of Pengda has been well received by consumers for many years.

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